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Author: Curtis, Edward S., 1868-1952.

Title: The North American Indian : being a series of volumes picturing and describing the Indians of the United States, and Alaska / written, illustrated, and published by Edward S. Curtis ; edited by Frederick Webb Hodge ; foreword by Theodore Roosevelt ; field research conducted under the patronage of J. Pierpont Morgan.

Publisher: [Seattle] : E.S. Curtis ; [Cambridge, Mass. : The University Press]

Publication Date: 1907-1930.

Description: 20 v. : ill., ports. ; 33 cm. + 20 portfolios (723 leaves of plates : ill., ports ; 60 cm.)


1) Vols. 9-20 have variant subtitle: ... describing the
Indians of the United States, the Dominion of Canada,
and Alaska.

2) Vols. 6-20 printed at the Plimpton Press, Norwood, Mass.

3) Text v. 3-20 contain vocabularies.

4) The portfolio contents leaves have caption title: The North American Indian : list of large plates supplementing v. 1-20.

5) Northwestern University Library has set no. 458.




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Vol. 1. The Apache. The Jicarillas. The Navaho.
John Andrew & Son, Boston
Vol. 2. The Pima. The Papago. The Qahatika. The Mohave. The Yuma. The Maricopa. The Walapai. The Havasupai. The Apache-Mohave, or Yavapai.
Vol. 3. The Teton Sioux. The Yanktonai. The Assiniboin.
Vol. 4. The Apsaroke, or Crows. The Hidatsa.
Vol. 5. The Mandan. The Arikara. The Atsina.
Vol. 6. The Piegan. The Cheyenne. The Arapaho.
Vol. 7. The Yakima. The Klickitat. Salishan tribes of the interior. The Kutenai.
Vol. 8. The Nez Perces. Wallawalla. Umatilla. Cayuse. The Chinookan tribes.
Vol. 9. The Salishan tribes of the coast. The Chimakum and the Quilliute. The Willapa.
Vol. 10. The Kwakiutl.
Vol. 11. The Nootka. The Haida.
Vol. 12. The Hopi.
Suffolk Engraving Co., Cambridge, MA
Vol. 13. The Hupa. The Yurok. The Karok. The Wiyot. Tolowa and Tututni. The Shasta. The Achomawi. The Klamath.
Vol. 14. The Kato. The Wailaki. The Yuki. The Pomo. The Wintun. The Maidu. The Miwok. The Yokuts.
Vol. 15. Southern California Shoshoneans. The Diegueños. Plateau Shoshoneans. The Washo.
Whitman Bennett, NY
Vol. 16. The Tiwa. The Keres.
Vol. 17. The Tewa. The Zuñi.
Vol. 18. The Chipewyan. The Western woods Cree. The Sarsi.
Vol. 19. The Indians of Oklahoma. The Wichita. The southern Cheyenne. The Oto. The Comanche. The Peyote cult.
Vol. 20. The Alaskan Eskimo. The Nunivak. The Eskimo of Hooper Bay. The Eskimo of King Island. The Eskimo of Little Diomede Island. The Eskimo of Cape Prince of Wales. The Kotzebue Eskimo. The Noatak. The Kobuk. The Selawik.
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